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About Us

The Singapore Teochew Foundation Limited provides short term financial help for Singaporeans especially those in the Teochew Community who are facing difficult problems of financial hardship or people who are in need of special financial assistance.

The Singapore Teochew Foundation Limited was incorporated under the Companies Act (Cap. 50) on the 30th December 2010. It was started by 11 members who served as the Board of Governor of Singapore Teochew Foundation Limited. Singapore Teochew Foundation Limited was registered as a charity under the Charities Act (Cap 37) on 25th March 2011.

The Singapore Teochew Foundation Limited is helmed by a board of Governors who are committed to charity and welfare causes in Singapore. They are:

Chairman – Dr Wu Chiaw Ching

Governor – Mr Lie Kee Pong

Governor – Mr Teo Kiang Ang

Governor – Mr Baey Theng Mong

Governor – Mr Lee Sean Wah

Governor – Ms Lie Chin-Chin

Governor – Ms Diana Chan

Governor – Ms Ng Sook Kit

The Singapore Teochew Foundation Limited (“STF”) provides donations and sponsorship to those whose applications have been approved.


  • Helping Singaporeans who have fallen on hard times to get back on their feet.
  • Reaching out and helping the needy in Singapore in times of crisis.
  • Rendering financial assistance to individual and families in dire straits and have nowhere to turn to.
  • Making a difference in the lives of individuals and families that have fallen on hard times.

Hardship Assistance Scheme

The STF Hardship Assistance Scheme aims to assist Singaporean families when they lose the support of their sole or main breadwinner due to unforeseen circumstances. We provide short-term supplementary financial assistance for the family to regain their footing in life.

Eligibility Criteria

The sole or main breadwinner of the family is unable to support the family due to unforeseen circumstances.

Open to all Singaporeans, but priority will be given to Teochew family and/or individual.

Anyone who has fallen on hard times, but is unable to receive adequate support from family, friends, social welfare agencies, or the government.

Period of Assistance

Up to a maximum of 6 consecutive months.

The scope of assistance will be based on case-by-case review, depending on the different circumstances of the applicants.

People we have helped

  • STF sponsored sound processor and hearing aid to a 15-year-old student

    Ruby* was diagnosed with bilateral profound hearing loss at the tender age of 2. She had to undergo left cochlear implantation to help alleviate her condition. Her elder sister, Abby* also has the same condition. As Abby’s set of sound processor and hearing aid are much older than that of Ruby, the family had to replace Abby’s set. Ruby’s set is also due for replacement but the family cannot afford to do so. Their plight was brought to STF’s attention and STF stepped in to help.

  • STF sponsored living expenses for woman suffering from end stage renal kidney failure and her aged spouse.

    Mr Wang* and his wife are a childless couple who live in a 2-room rental flat in Singapore. They also rent a room in Malaysia because his wife receives free treatment there as she is a Malaysian. In 2012, Mrs Wang was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure, which requires her to go through dialysis four times a day. Mr Wang tried seeking help from his siblings but to no avail. Due to Mrs Wang’s condition, her mobility is severely restricted, hence Mr Wang has to attend to her on a full-time basis. With their savings depleted, they tried to approach various agencies for assistance. However, due to the steep medical expenses, the help rendered is still insufficient. It was at this juncture that Mr Wang turned to STF for help.

  • STF sponsored chemotherapy treatment fees for patient with acute leukaemia.

    Mr Chong* is a young man, who had just started working. He was brought down by acute leukaemia and needed funds urgently to begin medical treatment. His personal savings and company insurance had been exhausted after the first round of diagnostic tests and treatment. STF provided financial support for the first round of chemotherapy.

  • STF helped odd job worker currently seeking medical treatment with transportation expenses

    Mr Chan* suffered from a bad fall in January 2014. Prior to that, he did odd jobs to make a living. Despite a 10 month hiatus from work (certified medical leave), he still experiences dizziness and chest tightness which he is still currently seeking treatment for at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. The Social Service Office@Kreta Ayer is helping him with his daily living expenses but the help is still insufficient for his transportation costs to seek medical treatment. STF stepped in.

*names have been changed to protect the identity of STF-recipients.


Contact Us

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